Edited by Ronald E. Doel & Thomas Söderqvist


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Advance praise for Doel-Söderqvist, Writing Recent Science

"With the directness of dispatches from the front line, leading historians of contemporary science, technology and medicine describe their experiences of telling history as it really is. Essential reading for anyone venturing into the interpretation of modern science."

- Robert Bud, Principal Curator of Medicine, The Science Museum, London

"This is an important and instructive book. Its essays present insightful historical analyses of issues in the sciences, in technology and in medicine our contemporary world is confronting. All its readers will find them accessible, informative and valuable. For historians, philosophers, and sociologists of science, technology and medicine the book  will be a valuable guide on how to make their discipline more relevant by their researches and in their teaching."

- Silvan S. Schweber, Professor of Physics and Koret Professor of the History of Ideas, Brandeis University

"It is always interesting to observe how scholars in established, if not traditional, fields of history respond to newer, and sometimes problematic, trends and modes of documentation. This is particularly the case when, such as in these essays, those scholars extend their interest to the ethical, political and cognitive consequences of those new paths. Finely textured, cogently argued, these essays open a new front in our efforts to expand the horizons of recent history and recent historiography."

- Ronald J. Grele, Retired Director, Oral History Research Office, Columbia University

 "A timely road-atlas of new territory: the essays map new frontiers of neglected and novel perspectives by asking poignant and significant questions. They also offer useful travel hints in terms of techniques and methodologies for historians who venture into this new area."

- Svante Lindqvist, Director, Nobel Museum, Stockholm