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The Historiography of Recent Science, Technology, and Medicine: Writing Recent Science

Table of Contents

Ch. 1: Introduction : what we know, what we do not - and why it matters, by Ronald E. Doel and Thomas Söderqvist [entire chapter] 1  
Pt. I Where are we now? : the challenges of writing recent science 13  
Ch. 2: Why science writers should forget Carl Sagan and read Thomas Kuhn : on the troubled conscience of a journalist, by Keay Davidson 15  
Ch. 3: The history of now : reflections on being a "contemporary archivist," by Bruce V. Lewenstein 31  
Pt. II Whose history? : ethics, lawsuits, national security, and the writing of contemporary history 43  
Ch. 4: The politics of commissioned histories (revisited), by David Cantor 45  
Ch. 5: From behind the fence : threading the labyrinths of classified historical research, by Anne Fitzpatrick 67  
Ch. 6: On ethics, scientists, and democracy : writing the history of eugenic sterilization, by Lene Koch 81  
Pt. III Witness to history : issues in biography and ethics    
Ch. 7: What is the use of writing lives of recent scientists?, by Thomas Söderqvist 128  
Ch. 8: Scholarship as self-knowledge : a case study, by Alfred I. Tauber    
Pt. IV Secrecy, politics, and science : probing the meaning of the Cold War 151  
Ch. 9: The politics of phosphorus-32 : a Cold War fable based on fact, by John Krige 153  
Ch. 10: Secrecy and science revisited : from politics to historical practice and back, by Michael Aaron Dennis 172  
Pt. V: History detectives : new ways of approaching modern science, technology, and medicine 185  
Ch. 11: The conflict of memories and documents : dilemmas and pragmatics of oral history, by Lillian Hoddeson 187  
Ch. 12: Reading photographs : photographs as evidence in writing the history of modern science, by Ronald E. Doel and Pamela M. Henson 201  
Pt. VI New voices : neglected and novel perspectives 237  
Ch. 13: What we still do not know about South-North technoscientific exchanges: North-centricism, scientific diffusion, and the social studies of science, by Alexis De Grieff and Mauricio Nieto Olarte 239  
Ch. 14: Witnessing the witnesses: potentials and pitfalls of the witness seminar in the history of twentieth century medicine, by E. M. Tansey 260  
Ch. 15: The 'mutt historian:' The perils and opportunities of doing history of science on-line, by Arne Hessenbruch 279  
Index 299  
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